Home Health

     Peach State Pediatric Therapy offers home treatments on a case by case basis. Therapy within the home can help a child perform tasks within his or her daily living environment. An in home assessment by a therapy professional can also help the family of the child identify environmental factors that could potentially be dangerous.  These factors can include anything from fall or burn hazards to drowning or electrocution.  As parents we sometimes do not interpret things the same way a special needs child would.  Because of this something very simple within the household could turn out to be harmful or even fatal to a child with sensory issues.  While home health can never take the place of clinical treatment it can dramatically improve a child's self confidence and overall outlook on life.  Each special needs child struggles with different daily activities.  With advance notice therapy sessions can even be conducted in places like local parks or department stores.  Please consult your therapist about the possibility of home treatment improving your child's progress.  

     Peach State Pediatric Therapy is currently contracted with Babies Cant Wait in Hall, Gwinnett, Rockdale, Newton, Fulton, Barrow, and Walton Counties.  Please contact our office if you are enrolled in this program and are in need of services.