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Social Skills Groups

     Social groups have been found to improve children's everyday interaction with their peers, as well as boost memory and attention levels by as much as 50 percent. Each group session is 1 hour long and consists of a 10 minute sensory warm up, a 40 minute activity time, and a 10 minute sensory cool down.  The cost of all groups is $50.00 per child per session.  Cost includes a healthy snack for each child, and materials that will be used in the group session. 
     It is very important to make us aware if your child has any food or drink allergies at time of sign up. Please fill out all info on the reservation form and select a date for the initial group meeting you would like your child to attend.  If you would like to attend groups on a weekly basis please let one of our staff members know.  Please let us know if there is a more convenient time for a group to be held for your child.  We will add the time to the schedule, and if we can get it filled, we will be happy to accommodate.  Group fees can be collected at time of session or billed on a monthly basis.  All credit cards are accepted for social group payments.

Interactive Gaming Groups

Peach State Pediatric Therapy is proud to announce the beginning of its social gaming groups. Each game will be hand selected to not only challenge your child's mind and motor skills, but to also provide a great source of sensory input in a therapeutic environment. Creating a sense of competition with others encourages children to function on a higher level in order to succeed.

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