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Peach State's Superstars!


Meet our January Superstar, Kinsley! ⭐️


Kinsley was born in 2020, and like many born during that time she was not hitting her milestones in several areas. We tried two other highly rated therapy facilities and it felt like she was just a number. Her therapists were constantly changing and it felt like they didn’t truly care about how she was improving; it was more about getting the session finished and moving onto the next child. 


We were referred to Peach State by an administrator at Kinsley’s preschool when she was two, and we’re so grateful! When we came to Peach State Kathy, Kristen, and Stacee were so welcoming they made  Kinsley, my husband, and I feel like we were all  truly cared about. They took the time to answer all the questions we had and explained how working on things in PT and OT would help with her speech. Kinsley has made vast improvements and is a thriving 3.5 year old that just graduated speech therapy with Kathy.  Her improvements are above and beyond our expectations! We’re so unbelievably grateful to have Kinsley going to Peach State!  She asks days ahead of time when will she be going to see Ms. Kathy, Stacee, and Kristen and loves every minute that she’s there. I’m one happy Mama seeing how happy and thriving my girl is! - Mom 

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