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Peach State's Superstars!

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Meet our May Superstar, Alex! 


Alex graduates Parkview HS on May 21 2024. He has been an enthusiastic patient at Peach State Pediatrics since 2022 . Alex works on advancing his self care skills that gives him confidence. He is having a lot of fun at the clinic and his therapeutic listening headphones have became his new routine at home that he lovingly calls “meditation”. Here are some of Alex’s recent areas of interest and accomplishments:
1. 2024 Graduate
2. Accepted into the Adapt and Strive program starting in August of 2024 at Buice Center in Suwanee Georgia.
3. Alex has been active in Theatrical productions as a cast member at Henderson Middle school broadway hits “Wicked “ and “13”and Parkview Highschool theatrical performance “Many colored days” and “13 cows”.
4. Member of Focus Fast Fins Adaptive Swim Team in Atlanta Ga since 2015. Won multiple 1, 2, 3, 4th places in 25 meter back stroke and freestyle at Swim Meets held bi-annually.
5. Member and one of top scorers at Titans Wheelchair Sports team at Champions Community Foundation at Jones Creek,Ga since 2022.
6. Gwinnett’s Special Forces Special Olympics member.
7. Volunteers as an usher at Parkview HS Theater and Java Jungle Cafe.
8. Passionate about music , particularly hip hop. Works on his second single “Summer”, as a part of exploring a career in music.
9. Alex is valued by his fellow students and Highschool staff for his humor, and supportive personality, and outstanding work ethic.  - Borunov family

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