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Pediatric speech-language therapists (SLPs) specialize in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating children with communication disorders, speech disorders, language delays, and feeding/swallowing difficulties.

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Speech Sound Disorders

SLPs assess and treat children with speech sound disorders, including articulation disorders (difficulty producing speech sounds), phonological disorders (patterns of sound errors), and apraxia of speech (difficulty planning and coordinating speech movements). They provide therapy to improve speech clarity, articulation, and phonological awareness.


Language Delays and Disorders

SLPs work with children who have language delays or disorders, including expressive language (difficulty using language to communicate) and receptive language (difficulty understanding language). They target vocabulary development, grammar, sentence structure, and language comprehension through individualized therapy approaches tailored to each child's needs.


Fluency Disorders

SLPs address fluency disorders such as stuttering, where speech flow is disrupted by repetitions, prolongations, or blocks of sounds, syllables, or words. They provide strategies to enhance fluency, reduce stuttering behaviors, and improve communication confidence and effectiveness.


Social Communication Skills

SLPs focus on developing social communication skills in children, including pragmatic language abilities such as turn-taking, topic maintenance, nonverbal communication understanding social cues, and engaging in conversation with peers.


Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

SLPs support children with complex communication needs who may benefit from AAC systems or devices to supplement or replace verbal communication. They assess communication abilities and provide training on using AAC tools such as communication boards, picture symbols, sign language, or speech-generating devices.

Here's an overview of some of the areas pediatric speech therapists can address:

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